Being cute in a tough world

“Miriam you look so cute!”  “Awww you are so sweet!”

I love it. I love it a lot when someone calls me cute, or says that something I do, or even something I wear is cute or sweet.

It happens. It happens because it’s something I’ve chosen. It`s something I want. You see, I’ve chosen the path of cuteness and sweetness. Let me share some thoughts and feelings about it with you. Sharing is caring ❤

Sweet, cute, kind, darling, beautiful, warm, adorable… and the list goes on. These words and their meaning are sweet sparkles on my cupcake. These personal traits and attributes both physical and psychological are the ones I want to rock my boat. I believe there is enough toughness, coldness, heartless and unkindness in this world, also here the list can go on. This planet, our Mother Earth has a heart and a soul too. I’ve spent a lot of time in the nature, I’ve felt her heart, I’ve felt her soul and she has shown me a path. The path of cuteness and sweetness. Trust me on this on will ya, ever since I started walking on this path I’ve noticed a delightful change in my life. Being sweet and kind is miles better than being the opposite. Now what would the opposite be to cute and sweet? Being tough? NO! Tough is good! Sometimes it’s even necessary for us to be tough in order to pull through a tough situation. You know when life  throws you rotten apples and you were expecting to get a freshly made apple pie. Then we need to be as tough as old boots! Very strong and able to deal with tough situations or pain without giving up. You can be tough and sweet at the same time 

 The opposite is callous. Callous as in hard hearted and unsympathetic. It exists… pretty much everywhere. It’s a part of the world we live in today and it probably always has been a part, but for some reason it’s becoming more and more.. cold. The world is becoming a tougher place to live in, and also colder…As the same time it’s so very beautiful. I’ve been to Ecuador, Canada, Italy, Spain, Polen, Norway and many other countries and I’ve met a lot of good, amazing, loving and kind people. I’ve also been hit by the opposite, and had to deal with it. It’s sad. It’s hard. But I’ve always been surrounded by cuteness and sweetness as in the love shown by friends and even people I hardly know.

It’s a beautiful and tough world we all are a part of and I for myself do not feel like adding to the callousness of it. Let’s replace it with cuteness, sweetness and kindness. Be kind to people! Smile to people! Say hi! Give complements it might make someone’s day. Be involved with charity work. Ok, about charity work, we often think it needs to be a huge project of some sort, or for people in poor countries. But look around you?! Charity can be done everywhere even in your own neighbourhood. Charity can be done at work, for a friend or for the man on the street begging for money. Buy him a meal 🙂 

Take care of yourself in order to be kind and sweet. Get enough sleep and eat enough food. Sleep is necessary  to function, sleep is a very good medicine for a lot of remedies. My mum was right! It’s hard to be kind when you are tired. When you are hungry it’s easy to slip in to the grumpy mood. 

Have an attitude of gratitude! I’ve written it before and I will write it again. Being thankful for what you ahve meakes life easier and always striving to be grateful automatically makes you a happier person. It can make you cute too! ❤ Yes when you are happy you are cuter, kinder and sweeter.

Well dear friends, I’ve just told you a little about my way, and for me it’s either this or the highway. So why do I love when people tell me I’m cute? Well some say that cute people are genuine and warm and they know how to share that warmth with the world.  

I can’t say I’m always warm and genuine and sharing warmth with my world, but what a nice complement it is, and that’s why I love it. It makes me want to become better at being C U T E. 




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