More peace, pretty please.

I don’t own a TV, and it’s been 6 years now since we parted, my TV and I. I don’t suscribe to a morning newspaper. I do have a computer, and I do have Internet. I also read the free newspaper Metro. So I still have a clue, a hint of what’s going on in the world. I do care, I want to know. I know that the Congress might give it’s approval for the US to launch strikes against Syria. I know that on Wednesday and Thursday President Barack Obama will visit Sweden at the invitation of Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt. I know about the smoke that covers Yosemite valley as fire becomes 4th-largest wildfire in California history. I also know there’s much more things going on in the world then we watch or read about. A lot of good, a lot of bad, and only the people being apart of it really know how it is and what’s really happening. I’m thankful, and for me a great big sweet sparkle is that I’m spared from the suffering of war, starvation and crime. For many it’s a part of their everyday life. War and everything that comes with it is horrible. It brings the devil out of people. When you ask a child what they would do if they ruled the world, many will say: I would stop all the wars, and I would create peace of earth. Or you tell them to: Make a wish!

” I wish I could eat ice cream everyday…. I wish everything in my room was pink, and I also wish for peace on Earth!”

When I was a child I also wished for peace on Earth. I wish I had the power to make it happen. As a grown up I have forgotten about that One specific wish… No more wars, and Peace on Earth. I wonder why? Why did I forgot… and when did it happen. Perhaps when I started watching the news on TV, reading the news in the papers and going to school and being taught about the greedy people who earn money on others people suffering, and who misuse the power they have. Or perhaps I forgot about this wish of mine, since no one asks me, or is it because Yes I remember now it’s because it’s not possible. Peace on Earth is not happening… pretty sad eh?

I really wouldn’t want to be a world ruler of any sort, but I would want to make all the war and and the suffering that comes because of, to just disapear to go away. Where and when do I start with this? I just tell you what I would like to do… Can I start now? Can we start now? Others have already started, let’s join them! It’s not hopeless. I have already started, true story. Join me will ya? Be more loving, caring, giving, be more THANKFUL. Take care of those around you, let them know what they mean to you. Take care of yourself. Eat healthier, eat more ecological, or localy produced stuff. Be kinder towards Mother Earth. Be a little better, stand a little taller. Spend more time with best friends, spend more time with nature. Enjoying the peace that’s found in the beaty of the nature is hard to find anywhere else. Look and focus on what you have been blessed with, perhaps the things you feel you miss are not supposed to be in your life. Get enough sleep, and drink tea. Tea is the medecine for pretty much everyhing in England. Do things you like and invite others to join. Be like a gardner and plant something.

And for me and my life… I’m going to start planting peace.


So just join me already, pretty please ❤


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