Brighter days

After Midsummer, one of our most important holidays we celebrate in Sweden the saying goes: “Well now we are going towards darker days”. Technically speaking its true… Midsummer is the longest day of the year, the kick off to summer, but also when the days start getting shorter and darker again.  It’s now been a while since I had my flower leaf on my head and I danced around the Midsummer pole like there was no tomorrow. Time has gone by and the days have become shorter and shorter and now the sun says goodbye at 21:00 instead of way past midnight….

The sun in my heart though compared to the sun outside that’s already disappearing for today, shines brighter than it has for a long time. It has been pretty obvious to the world around me, that I’ve been in a pretty dark corner. I’m not afraid of the dark, and I really never have been. At summer camp in grade one, I was the only girl who dared walk the “ghost path walk” that the camp leaders had organised for us. I went with 3 boys, and they were so scared so who had to lead the way? Yep the girl, and that was me. I was only 8 years old and the boys were at least 10! It was a fun ghost walk in the dark, but of course I was happy when it was over. I like bright, light and I like colours. The dark corner I spent some time in was pretty NOT  bright or light… So just like the ghost walk I’m happy this walk in the dark is over. I’m happy brighter days are here now. Perhaps it was never dark, even though it sure FELT like it. I was surrounded by friends, by love, by angels. I know I was never alone. I may have felt alone… and to be honest I wanted to be alone. I wanted to be left alone, but still the feeling of loneliness were sometimes overwhelming…. I was in a place I did not want to be in. A dark corner with not colours.So I had to do something…. I had reach out to hope, to faith, to love. I needed to reach out to my friends, and let them help me.

The Tallest Man On Earth sings: “Love is all, from what I’ve heard” but my heart’s learned to kill….” The song is called “Love is All, and it’s beautiful. The text is sad, but the melody is a happy one. I’ve  now after my experience made my own version of “Love Is All”. It comes from the love that my friends and family have shown me… But also from people who hardly know me, but still care about me. It comes from all the love, prayers and thoughts that have been for and to me. It’s love from here and above, that has healed me that has made it possible for me  to say: Bright days are now and bright days are ahead! I’m so thankful I’m so blessed.

Thank you for your LOVE, it truly has been and Is ALL ❤