Live what I learn

My blog is called sweet sparkles and is about the small things in life that happen to us, and the things that we have around us that gives life it’s sparkles.Because I like cuteness I also added the word “sweet” to sparkles. However things occur in life…our sweet sparkles seem to disappear.

Sometimes we are so busy that we don’t notice them. Sometimes we are so happy we don’t notice them, but other times we are so sad that we don’t notice. I’m there myself right now. Where it’s hard for me to see my sweet sparkles. Where I feel blinded and overwhelmed with feelings that makes it hard for me to focus on them. I’m trying to make my life more simple, more minimalistic, because I don’t want to be blind. I’m trying to live a more down to earth kind of a life, were I can find happiness and joy in the smallest of things. I want to be a better person and I want to be more thankful. I want to live what I learn. You who know me, you also know what I believe in, and you know what I believe to be true. The truth I have in my heart comes from what my parents and other great people have taught me. I have again taken a decision that it’s true and that I need to stick to it. No matter what happens to me in my life, no matter what the world tries to tell me I want to stand strong. I want to hold on to what I know is true, and what by the end of the day will help me to again to open up my heart and eyes to feel and see the sweet sparkles in my life.

Thank you for reading, and please continue, there is more to come ❤