Words that warms the heart

A while ago I saw this Facebook status:

 “My birthday wish from my Facebook friends: Words of affirmation! 🙂 Write a few compliments or other nice things and that would make me Super happy (heart) “


I read it twice before I really understood what it said. This was written by a boy who was turning 24 that day. I don’t know him that well, but I do know that he is a positive, warm and nice to everyone kind of guy. I love people who are like that. Since it reminds me who I always want to be. Kind, happy and always ready to give a hug if to anyone who wants or needs one. I really don’t know why it surprised me, that he had written this. Perhaps one part has to do with him being a boy, and being so open with it. I’m glad he was though.

I believe that everyone wants what he was asking for. I believe that in the world we live in, with all the focus on ME, ME and ME, we need to be reminded of this. To give each other words of affirmation. To give compliments. To let people, especially our friends and family know what they mean to us. Sometimes it’s compliments, other times it’s encouragement. Then again words of affirmation and compliments can for many be an encouragement. We all need encouragement, don’t we? Well according to me we do. I really truly do believe that what this boy wished for on his birthday from his FB friends, is something that EVERYONE at least once or twice in their life wish to hear. I’m sure even more 🙂

Nice, kind, warm words that comes from the heart, can make all the difference in the world. I know that, cause they have for me. Words of affirmation, words of encouragement, compliments given to me has made, and do make a difference. I’m not saying everyone is like me. But everyone on earth are human, and I do believe that we all need kindness and sweetness in our life. We all need sweet sparkles.

Share words of kindness. You don’t know the person? It really doesn’t matter. I know I wrote “friends and family” I would like to add “strangers” as well. People you don’t know… yet. I’ve had that happen to me this fall, people have given me compliments about my coat. My fall coat, that is absolutely beautiful. I love my coat that I bought at a second hand store a few years ago, and apparently so do others. And they told me! They didn’t just think it, they told me. I admit that it made me happy. That I was wearing something pretty unique that other people, even strangers liked. I think you get my point 🙂

I never asked the boy if I could copy his Facebook status and share it here. But I’m not worried. I think it will make him happy to see the inspiration it gave me. So thank you boy for sharing.

Words that warm the heart are sweet sparkles. What good does it do if you keep the words to yourself?

Let’s share them! It will make you happy.

I promise!