Getting started

Feb this year I named by blog. And that was it. Since then 
I've been thinking and thinking, but not started with the
writing thing. And that's the whole idea behind having a blog. 
You write stuff.

I've always wanted to be good at things right from the start,
not being very patient with myself and understanding that 
it takes practise to become good at something. I've wanted to 
be perfect from the start... and the same thing goes with this
whole blog thing. I want to be the perfect blog writer. Not 
that I know actually what I mean with that. Since I don't read
other blogs, and I haven't even read all the "how to get 
started" ideas and tips, then I probably don't really care so 
much about trying to be good at it. I think I'm past the time
of not doing things just because I feel I'm not good at it. 
That's all in the past now. Because...

Now I feel that the time has come for me to write in my blog 
"Sweet Sparkles", and to share it with
whoever wants to read it. My English isn't perfect... 
but it's readable. My thoughts and feelings might be a bit
different... but they are mine and they are ok. I might not
always have much to say...but keeping is simple is also good.
My blog is called "Sweet Sparkles" and it refers to all the
small but oh so important things that makes life so special.
Life is filled with joy and sadness, hopes, dreams and
disappointments. Life is filled with things that happen and
it's filled with a lot of feelings to the things that occur.
A sweet sparkle can be a moment, a situation, a feeling, a
thought, an event or a happening.

If you compare life to a cupcake then the sweet sparkles are the frosting and the sprinkles that makes the cupcake adorable and very tempting to eat.

 I want to become better in recognizing the sweet
sparkles that are sprinkled over my cupcake. At times it's
hard to see them, but just like the band harper lee sings in 
their song "Everything Is Going To Be Ok" I believe that
focusing on the positive and good in life, it makes it easier
to live and to be thankful for the great gift that life is.

A wonderful gift filled with SWEET SPARKLES.


One thought on “Getting started

  1. Hey darling!! I already LOVE your blog!! It is so uplifting! I got the e-mail, started to read and couldn`t stop myself 🙂 I`m so excited what you will be adding to your blog.. 😀

    You are Awesome Miriam!


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